Asphalt Patching is Unique to the Affected Area

Asphalt repairs are one of the best ways to maintain a pavement surface. Properly installed repairs can be cost-effective in maintaining an asphalt surface. Holland Paving can determine the best approach to maintain your asphalt. Simply throwing a shovel full of asphalt down may be all that is needed, but when you apply too many patches of this nature, the surface becomes lumpy and can hold water.
Bigger is always better, whether it’s a few holes in one area, or a surface that is completely crumbling. Making larger areas of repairs will ensure a longer life from the repair as well as keeping the area level. Asphalt is reflective of what it is on top of, so if the base is soft or sinking, the asphalt will show evidence of a poor foundation. It is not recommended to cover areas that are crumbling, as this may indicate a base issue or poor drainage. Cutting out the old asphalt and repairing the base is a great way to get better durability from a repair.
It is more cost-effective to have all your areas repaired at one time, saving multiple trips back to the site can save thousands of dollars. Pricing on asphalt is based on volume and how it needs to be installed. Bigger areas are easier to pave with our equipment as opposed to hand labor, making the downtime much shorter and in turn less expensive.