Asphalt Patching is Unique to the Affected Area

Asphalt repairs are one of the best ways to maintain a pavement surface. Properly installed repairs can be cost-effective in maintaining an asphalt surface. Holland Paving can determine the best approach to maintain your asphalt. Simply throwing a shovel full of asphalt down may be all that is needed, but when you apply too many patches of this nature, the surface becomes lumpy and can hold water.
Bigger is always better, whether it’s a few holes in one area, or a surface that is completely crumbling. Making larger areas of repairs will ensure a longer life from the repair as well as keeping the area level. Asphalt is reflective of what it is on top of, so if the base is soft or sinking, the asphalt will show evidence of a poor foundation. It is not recommended to cover areas that are crumbling, as this may indicate a base issue or poor drainage. Cutting out the old asphalt and repairing the base is a great way to get better durability from a repair.
It is more cost-effective to have all your areas repaired at one time, saving multiple trips back to the site can save thousands of dollars. Pricing on asphalt is based on volume and how it needs to be installed. Bigger areas are easier to pave with our equipment as opposed to hand labor, making the downtime much shorter and in turn less expensive.


Asphalt or Concrete

We often get calls for quotes with questions about the differences between asphalt and concrete. Some property owners are not sure how to choose one over the other for their upcoming project. Holland Paving can evaluate your project, be it residential or commercial, and help determine what best suits your needs. We can explain how elements like depth, elevation, and traffic patterns inform the best material for the job.
Public street entrances, curbs, public walkways, and aprons are usually always concrete and at an average depth thicker than minimum requirements by city building departments. The best reference would be the dumpster pad found in commercial lots. This is an area where a very heavy vehicle will stop or pivot on the surface and concrete is the best option for this type of traffic.
Asphalt is a renewable and repairable product. Installation can be at two-inch depths, paved over once or twice (for elevation) and can be maintained with crack seal and sealcoat, giving it a fresh look and prolonging its life every few years. Asphalt can be installed for commercial use, however, docks, storage areas, and curbing are much more durable in concrete. Concrete is sometimes the support for the proper installation of asphalt paving. Curbs, drain pads, docks, and dumpster pads are much more durable in concrete and will support an asphalt pavement very well.

Asphalt Repairs 101

Pavement owners know that asphalt needs to be maintained for longevity, durability, and safety. Not everyone knows the best and most cost-effective way to repair asphalt. Holland Paving offers several different ways to repair asphalt to accommodate any budget. As with any other product, you get what you pay for and there should be discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of different repair options.
The first step is to evaluate all your pavement at one time, since volume and bulk pricing are very important to get the most out of your money. Secondly, based on budget, it will determine what is affordable vs what is more durable. Less expensive repairs usually don’t have the wear that more extensive repairs can offer. It is important for pavement to be repaired properly to maintain its functionality, keeping adequate drainage and correct asphalt depth to ensure a long-lasting repair.
Holland Paving is a full-service asphalt and sealcoat contractor, offering all requisite services for pavement. Our knowledgeable staff will evaluate your pavement, suggesting long-term and short-term repairs. Estimates are free, evaluations are thorough, and always include details essential to making an informed decision about your parking lot or driveway.

Drainage and Why It’s Important

To most folks, the storm drain is simply a hole in the ground but to property owners it’s one more thing that needs to be maintained. Drainage is the single most important part of any paved surface; it’s where the water is directed away from structures to prevent damage and keeps you from stepping in huge puddles. Surface water is only one element of the drainage composition. Groundwater can damage more pavement than you might think, eroding or softening the base as well as seeping up through the pavement.
Holland Paving understands where the water needs to go and how to get it to the desired locations (away from structures and paved surfaces). Whether you have an existing system that is failing or installing a new drainage system, we can help. We train our staff to look for these issues first, as this can help determine past problems or prevent future issues with your pavement.


Getting to the Bottom of Asphalt

Asphalt paving can be confusing, and Holland Paving would like to help pavement owners better understand our services. Properly installed asphalt can change your thinking about pavement completely. Our staff has over a hundred and forty years of combined knowledge and we attend classes regularly to stay up with the latest installation and maintenance technology. We also have found that good old common sense, hard work, and honest information are still some of our best attributes.
Most new asphalt installations have a blueprint to follow that will spell out elevations, drainage, and pavement depth in conjunction with traffic patterns and parking needs. Holland Paving can help provide a plan for your new installation. Private companies and residents don’t always need to purchase a set of engineered plans and that’s where the confusion starts. City building departments can offer minimum requirements, give general information on what requires a permit, but the information specific to your new project is generally offered in free estimates or paid engineers for blueprints.
Holland Paving has navigated these areas of construction for many years, we can recommend the best type of installation, work with your engineer and the local building department. We are happy to take the time to explain, research, and provide you with a comprehensive quote without the hassle of a hard nose sales rep. We want your business as well as your repeat business and there is only one way to achieve that; by doing our best!


It’s All About That Base

What’s under the asphalt is just as important as the thickness and design of the pavement. Proper drainage to keep the base dry, suitable depth for intended traffic, and proper compaction are all key elements to installing a solid base. Sturdy base installation can outlast most pavement surfaces. Repairs can be made to specific areas of the installed base to be more cost-effective.
Poor drainage and clay pockets contribute to soft and problematic base issues. Holland Paving can identify base issues with an on-site inspection. We have knowledgeable staff to offer solutions to make long-lasting repairs or installations of asphalt pavement. We offer a full range of services from drainage installation, corrections, to base installation and repairs. Estimates and consultations are always free.


More Than One Way to Repair Pavement

Property owners know there are several different ways to repair asphalt. Many believe that cost is the deciding factor, yet a cheap repair now can lead to an expensive fix later. Knowing the differences in the performance and usage of the repairs can help quite a bit. Getting several quotes is always recommended to compare cost and longevity. While there are repairs that can outlast the original pavement, there are some repairs that can’t last through one season.
Holland Paving offers several ways to repair asphalt, and we install our materials appropriately to give you the expected longevity. Winter is hard on the pavement here in Northeast Ohio and most paving contractors are not available over the winter. Holland Paving offers winter services and you will find a real live person answering the phone. Winter repairs are for emergencies and generally are to hold over until a hot asphalt repair can be made. We offer specialized pricing for this type of service.


What is Needed vs What is Affordable

Asphalt is a very flexible material; its applications vary greatly and can be suitable for many conditions, however, it can also be used inappropriately and can create greater expense to the property owner. Like any other problem, research is the best place to start. What do you have now? How long did that wear? If the existing pavement has worn sooner than anticipated, it may be due to a base or drainage issue. Asphalt is only as good as what it is on top of; proper subbase and drainage are critical to the life of the pavement.
Proper installation can be expensive depending on what you’re starting with. The new installation will always include details of drainage and where the water will run off the pavement. Maintenance of an existing pavement will always include details of where the water drains, if what exists is suitable, and if it should be increased or corrected. Starting at the outset will give you a solid foundation to build on.
There are remedies for maintenance that should be discussed with your contractor. It may not be in your budget, but having the information will help you budget better. Knowing the right material for the project is critical to the success of the repair. Improper installation can not only cause the surface to deteriorate more quickly, it could also create a liability issue when the fix fails, causing trip hazards and material sticking to everything but the intended area.
We offer these types of assessments free of charge. Our estimating staff has the experience to determine the best applications of products to your pavement. Holland Paving can offer options, solutions, and budget suggestions that will allow you to have the job done right. Our service area is throughout Northeast Ohio for commercial and residential property owners. We are a full phase asphalt and concrete contractor, owned and operating for over thirty years.

Image of employee painting stripes on parking lot with machine

Asphalt Paving – Spring Maintenance Checklist

Although it may seem hard to believe by looking out the window, Spring will be here before we know it. Along with everything else on your “to do” list, now is a great time to think about your parking lot and other paved areas.  In general, you’ll want to evaluate and make repairs to any cracks or damage you find.  Being proactive in fixing small areas now can help extend the life of your paved areas and avoid a larger capital investment to fix larger areas down the road.

Visual Inspection
Once the snow melts, do a thorough visual inspection of your parking lot and paved areas. Make note of any small cracks or damaged areas. These are areas you want to repair as soon as possible. Cracks allow water to seep into the asphalt weaken the structure from underneath. Potholes are not only unsightly but dangerous – they can put your business at risk of a lawsuit if they contribute to a fall, accident or injury.
Asphalt problems are dangerous. If you have potholes or significant cracks and other areas of deterioration in your parking lot, you are making yourself vulnerable to lawsuits in case of a fall, accident or injury. Having to pay up for personal injury damages or damages to a vehicle is way more expensive than having that pothole fixed.

Check your records to see if you’ve had sealcoating performed within the last few years. If not, you should make this a priority and contact Holland Paving & Sealcoating to get it scheduled. Sealcoating guards the asphalt from the sun, ice, salt, oils, and other chemicals that shorten the life of your pavement. It also ensures a longer lasting life for your pavement, lowers repair costs and gives your pavement a fresh, new black appearance.

If the lines and striping in your parking lot are fading, it’s time to freshen up or re-stripe your lot. A fresh coat of paint not only improves your curb appeal, it helps your company comply with applicable regulations and shows your customers that you care about their safety. You’ll want to make sure that your parking spaces, fire lanes, handicapped areas, no parking zones, speed bumps and loading zones are clearly marked. You’ll want to use rugged, long lasting paint materials, applied with professional techniques. We can help you select and apply the right paint for all your parking lot striping needs.

Regular Cleaning
Sweeping your parking lot on a regular basis to clear rocks, leaves, and dirt will not only make it more attractive and safer for your customers, but also extend the life of your pavement. Make sure you check and clear basins/drains on a regular basis as part of your cleaning process. Regular cleaning helps prevent build-up of harmful debris that can clog drainage and create the perfect environment for cracks and pothole to form on your asphalt surfaces.

Keep Our Phone Number Handy
Holland Paving & Sealcoating offers a full range of asphalt and concrete construction services that includes seal coating, hot crack filling, line striping, excavation services, asphalt patching and paving. No matter what your area is made of or how it’s being treated, we can recommend the most appropriate solution. Call us at (216) 671-9333 and we’ll work out the logistics with you. Ask us about our multiple property discount program and custom maintenance programs.

We are YOUR asphalt specialists.


Sorry Cleveland, Winter is here!

The best time of year to think about parking lot and driveway maintenance is now. The best time for maintenance is in the spring!

After all of the snow has melted and all of the damaging salt has washed off, it’s time to look at your pavement. It’s time to consider crack sealing and sealcoating.

In cold temperatures, pavement contracts and cracks open to their widest. In hot temperatures, pavement expands and closes the cracks. This is why the moderate temperatures in spring are optimal for crack repair.

At Holland Paving, we specialize in asphalt maintenance and Cracksealing is one of our specialties.

Crack Sealing vs. Crack Filling

Crack sealing is different from crack filling for several reasons. Asphalt pavement is referred to as a flexible pavement that moves horizontally due to changes in temperature and may move vertically as a result of traffic loads. Some cracks can open up to 100% of original width as the pavement temperature changes from summer to winter extremes. So generally speaking, asphalt pavement is always moving to some degree.

Crack sealing uses specialized material that will adhere to the pavement and retain the seal as the pavement moves. Crack filling uses normal material that does not have high or low temperature properties to remain flexible at low temperatures and stable at high temperatures, and when pavement movement takes place, the seal is broken. This is one example why crack sealing prevents intrusion of water and crack filling reduces intrusion of water – sealing and filling are not the same.

Give us all call for a free estimate. As long as your asphalt is free of snow and ice, we can give you an accurate price for the upcoming spring season.