More Than One Way to Repair Pavement

Property owners know there are several different ways to repair asphalt. Many believe that cost is the deciding factor, yet a cheap repair now can lead to an expensive fix later. Knowing the differences in the performance and usage of the repairs can help quite a bit. Getting several quotes is always recommended to compare cost and longevity. While there are repairs that can outlast the original pavement, there are some repairs that can’t last through one season.
Holland Paving offers several ways to repair asphalt, and we install our materials appropriately to give you the expected longevity. Winter is hard on the pavement here in Northeast Ohio and most paving contractors are not available over the winter. Holland Paving offers winter services and you will find a real live person answering the phone. Winter repairs are for emergencies and generally are to hold over until a hot asphalt repair can be made. We offer specialized pricing for this type of service.